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I walked in. The room swirled around me. The bare desolate walls splashed with muddy brown paint. It was as if the walls were gossiping about me, my ears began to burn. The high ceilings white as paper closing in on me. The window blew open the slight breeze lifting my hair. The sofa sat at a side looking as if it was whispering to the walls. Its cushioning arms looking rigid. A grand painting was stuck on the wall. It was a painting I couldn't understand. The vivid colours collided in to each other. Its frame was rigid and stiff like it had been hung there for years. The painting stood out, it wasn't supposed to be here. As i glanced around the room the fact that I was alone came back to me.  The feeling of alienation crept over me.
        Suddenly the wind began howling with anger and desperation. The curtains shivering like the wind and coldness affected them. I wrapped my coat around me the piercing wind biting at my delicate skin. I felt uneasy. The blood red doors rattled with fury, their skin pale and tense. This room gave me the creeps. It was inescapable. Its bare walls eyed me with curiosity. It was as if the room was alive. A feeling of claustrophobia crept over me. The floorboards shuddered as I walked on them. A broken table lay in the corner. It lay there like a lonely child afraid to move an inch. Its brown skin stretched at breaking point. It lay there as victim of brutal murder. Its legs broken, begging for mercy. It's perfect structure torn apart. Its bones crushed against each other. Other than these objects the room was deserted. Each one of my footstep echoing like I was in an isolated hall. 'Where are the rest of them? Where was mum?' I thought to myself. The sense of dullness and isolation ruled this room and probably the house. I skimmed the room one more time and backed out. I edged towards the stairs.
          The stairs seemed like they had just emerged from a horror movie. The stairs spiraled with a bent affect like they had just been slapped in the face. To my surprise the ancient stairs didn't crumble to dust as I stood on them they creaked. As I made my way up the stairs the creaking continued. It's faded brown floor boards leaping out to grab me. I clutched the banister as I ambled up the stairs the dust beneath my feet rising and then falling. My heart beat faster now more than ever before not in a continuous sequence occasionally skipping a beat as I came nearer to the top of the stairs. I try to ignore the thick horrendous smell lingering around the stairs even though it made my head spin.
         My legs turn weak the feeling that the stairs are going to swallow me creeps over me. The crack in the walls edging towards me .There is a long way up the stairs it's as if they are flowing on forever. My whole body shaking my heart beating too fast as if it is going to leap out and run for its own life leaving me behind to suffer. The ceiling turned a murky colour as I reached the top of the stairs. I heard a muttering of voices in the distance. I felt relieved. At least I wasn't completely lost. I began to run as fast as my tiny legs could carry me. Turning each door handle my heart racing-but with excitement this time. I finally found the door I was looking for. This was it , the puzzling adventure had come to an end.
A kind of story i wrote when i was younger, i found it and thought i should submit it ..i used to love writing stories then i stopped and haven't wrote since ..may try again soon :)
GeneralCuppinCakes Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
Beautifully written, but unfortunately it doesn't belong in CountryXReader's group.
Zakirrah Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Awh thanks anyways :)
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